Tuesday, February 4, 2014

cough, cough........TB: Daraja Hakizimana "Close & Personal" (SouthsideSmoke Shop, Smoke Or Die, X-wife, Coughee Brothaz & My Block Recordz) Pt. 3

B.P: What’s going on with you, ‘The Coughee Brothaz’, and ‘Devin The Dude ?’
D.H: That’s my family, that’s never going to change. Devin’s on the road still doing shows and promoting his latest project "Seriously Trippin". He also has a movie coming out titled "Highway 420" with Lil Duval that is due to come out sometime later this year. He is also working on a new Odd Squad with Jugg Mugg & Rob Quest. As far as The Coughee Brothaz, Smit-D, DNA, E-Rock (of The 5th Ward Boys), Rum Flynn-D, 14k, Tony Mack, and myself are concerned, we are all working on our solo projects. We're still on and off the road with Devin, whenever he has shows. But I'm mostly working behind the scenes for the Coughee Brothaz, from handling the websites and on-line promotions, to video editing and producing. I recently bought Coughee Brotha Bull abroad to assist on a few projets. However, the Coughee Brothaz is Devin's machine, so if you want the real scoop on when the next official Coughee Brothaz project is coming out, you're going to have to ask Devin.
 B.P: What’s next for you and My Block Recordz, now that the Playa Smoke Vol.1 album is out and you're about to get eleased?
D.H: Most importantly, to stay out of trouble and to simply get back to normal life. I have a few projects that I am currently working on. One of them is an on-line book titled "Inspiring Poems, Guides, & Thoughts of a Bossplaya.” Another is a dedication album titled "For Rap-A-Lot....(Thanks James)". It consists of mainly giving props to all the artist that Rap-A-Lot records has done business with over the years and to James Prince for the doors he has opened and the positive things he has accomplished in Houston, Texas. Despite all the negativity and the press, the man is a first-class entrepreneur. I simply wish to express my gratitude and say ‘Thanks!’ And of course, the long awaited Club 803 -Cloud 9 project! Geno and I will definitely be hooking up as soon as I get out of here and allow a few ideas to flow out. By spring, if all goes well, I should be purchasing another studio/condo to get more recording done for the summertime. Also, this coming March, "Donutland” ( J-"Dilla Tribute) and “Ladies Night Only” will finally be released.
B.P: So, it looks like you and My Block Recordz are starting off the New Year with a bang!
D.H: Definitely! I also have a few paintings and art projects I have been working on and my goal is to have the work showcased in a few galleries. In fact, this coming spring I will be collaborating with the H-Gallery & H/gw19th to have my work put on public display, accompanied by my soulectric jazz instrumentals projects. I always try to think outside of the box and to come up with innovative ways of doing things. So, the show will definitely be unique as compared to any of my previous shows.

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